What I Do

My days and nights are spent thinking about and developing resources for entrepreneurs.

Recently, I’ve completed projects designed to help local business owners, business-to-business thought leaders, and people in the advice and information marketing business.

Clients come to me expecting reinvented business strategies and massive growth.

Those results are the easiest part of the role I play.

In the process of delivering them, I help my clients to create a business that can truly express the contribution they want to make in the world while being successful in every way. Successful in economics and in influence. And successful in the satisfaction of being on the path of ones life work with the instinct to remain there.

I love the idea of being the guy who helps entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do put the sharks who are in it only for a mansion and a fancy car out of business.

And I love the idea of being the guy who helps people who are going to change the world tomorrow, next month, next year … or after I’m long gone … get their businesses (and their ideas) thriving.

If that driving philosophy hasn’t sent you away cursing … or if you’re willing to endure it to suck the value out of what I provide … read on.

I offer a limited amount of personal coaching and consulting, either by phone or (usually) in-person at my home office in Northern Virginia. 95% of my work is by referral only, but I’m always open to listening if you have an exciting opportunity that I might be able to help with.