Your own personal Zeppelin?

Got my … err, kidnapped my wife’s … Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog. It came in the mail yesterday, and she is out of town… so I got to go through it before her. (Sorry, honey…)

My personal favorite item?

Your own personal Zeppelin.

Yes, you too can show up to the season’s hottest social events in your own 230 foot long, 60 foot wide, and 53 foot tall Zeppelin. For only $10 million dollars. I’m sure someone, somewhere has had Hindenberg-sized dreams for years on end… and will pony up the dough for the creation.

As a side note, Neiman Marcus (and Sak’s, for that matter) train their sales reps very well. Every 3 weeks, like clockwork, they’re calling my wife, offering specials, encouraging her to come in. We live in Virginia and still get calls from reps in Arizona and New York, where she hasn’t shopped in over a year! Most businesses could learn a few things about customer value and retention from them.

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