Writing about Information Marketing and (G-d help me) Internet Marketing

in On Advice & Information Marketing

Nearly half of my private consulting work is focused on “achievers” in the information marketing space. Typically coaches, consultants or authors with businesses in, or nearing, the 7 to 8-figure range.

While I refuse to work with people who are “selling crap in a box” (see afore mentioned “Internet marketers” and biz-opp scammers) … people who are genuine experts, are insanely passionate about their work, and want to reach a larger audience (or their existing audience a lot deeper) are a true joy to work with.

Here, I’ll write about topics relevant to people in or getting into the information marketing, internet marketing (I’ll explain why thinking that you are in or getting into that business is the first indication you need to adjust your thinking), or who are current authors/coaches/consultants and want to add an information publishing component to what they do.

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