Virginia Real Estate Agent Blogs His Way To Success

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Still wondering if social media like blogs, Facebook and Twitter are worth your time?

Today’s social media success story highlights Danilo Bogdanovic, a Washington area real estate agent who, according to

… estimates that 75% of his current business can be directly or indirectly attributed to his two blogs ( and and other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

According to Danilo, “… Consumers want relevant and hyper-local information immediately and they want it easily accessible which to me meant online.”

And …

… because he generates so much business through these tools, he is able to cut back on time doing tasks that many other agents do, including broker office functions, Chamber of Commerce meetings, and preparing print ads.

To read the full story and to find out how Danilo leverages social media to acquire 3/4 of his total business(!), click here.

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