Using teleseminars and webinars to “sell in a vacuum”

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Ask any sales old-timer what the best selling environment is and you’ll hear, “you want to be able to sell in a vacuum to a starving crowd.”

Unfortunately, that is harder and harder to do.

The Internet is ripe with knock-off artists. The chances of your prospects being aware of you and not aware of the competition is little to none.

But …

  • There are pools of untapped prospects that both you and your competitors are ignoring.

  • There are ways to be the only person in front of your prospects when they are hungry to buy.

  • You can “hijack” the buying process so that you have the first chance to tap into the best-of-the-best … ready-to-buy prospects who want what you have to offer and are willing to pay for it.

Unfortunately, most people go about it completely wrong.

They copy what the competition does. They don’t look outside of “what has always worked.” And they don’t innovate how they engineer new buying opportunities.

You can’t afford to make those mistakes.

In Michael’s latest Roundtable Call, he exposed overlooked markets and gives you the tools to reach them.


  • Marketing in a “vacuum”…ensuring your customer’s only present option is you.

  • Directing more attention to your business…building excitement that explodes in sales.

  • Discovering untapped groups of prospects…and capitalizing on your exclusive competitive edge through a quality of responsiveness in buyers unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

It is all revealed on the May 2006 Coaching Call:

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