Using “containers” to overcome confusion and multiply persuasion on your teleseminars and webinars

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A quote from Michael:

“When I consult with moderate to advanced information marketers using teleseminar or webinars who are unhappy with their close rates, the culprit is often that they are confusing their callers. And confused callers don’t buy.”

Confusing your prospects undermines your authority and devastates your chances at making the sale.

Even worse, most people who are confusing their prospects have no idea they are doing. In other words, the reason someone should buy might seem crystal clear to you … but be clear as mud to your caller.

Michael’s latest Roundtable Call focuses on the “Confusion Mistake” and how you can remedy it in your teleseminars and webinars.

He talks about a strategic way to make your message crystal clear, and infinitely more persuasive. (Because this specific type of clarity makes what you possess undeniably essential to your prospects…they must have it, even if they don’t remember all the reasons why!)

The November 2007 call is in the download area for Members now.

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P.S. SPEED! Not only will the strategy outlined in this Coaching Call eliminate any confusion from your audience (confusion that reduces your profits), but it will also make planning and delivering your teleseminars faster and easier than ever!

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1 juliacassidy May 28, 2010 at 3:13 am

I totally agree. I believe this article is especially useful because entrepreneurs should focus not only on attracting the market and the viewers to their sites but they should also work hard on not confusing them by offering both high quality and clear content.


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