Twitter for non-profits: "Social media for social good"

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I found a cool video I want to share with you today about a local non-profit organization, The Blood Center of Central Texas, using Twitter to promote their cause.

The Blood Center’s Austin location, which serves 10 counties and 34 hospitals, is responsible for supplying blood to over 1 million people.

Using a “Tweet Up” (which you’ll learn about in the video), The Blood Center organized a community blood drive and brought in over 100 pints of blood from over 100 donors, double the number of donations they collect in an average day.

Watch the video now to discover why blood donor, Jennifer (last name anonymous), calls Twitter “social media for social good.”

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1 juliacassidy June 4, 2010 at 11:33 am

It seems to be a very useful video. This is a bvery difficult topic because as a matter of fact, the problem is that when we are talking about a nonprofit, it is complicated to identify the best way to deliver the right message. It cannot be confused with a regular marketing strategy because the goal is completely different ans that's what the target audience has to understand.
Thanks for sharing.


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