Today’s Roundup of Really Good Stuff for Entrepreneurs

Here’s my roundup of really good stuff for entrepreneurs to read today. These are items I’m not going to comment on in a longer post, but deserve attention and recognition.

First, a wide-ranging post about what’s next in technology…

“One of my favorite entrepreneurs is Mark Gerson who realized that doctors knew more about which drugs were getting prescribed and which drugs were really working. So he created a panel of doctors and started charging hedge funds for access to them. He built a huge business in less than five years with this model. Putting the big money managers in direct contact with everyday people who happen to know more about what’s going on than the so called experts on Wall Street.”

From A VC – “What’s Next” (read the rest)…

Second, an article about entrepreneurship…

“Pure entrepreneurs are loopy and obsessed. They have a vision of the future, and while others are casting their lines into the water to see what will bite, pure entrepreneurs are jumping over the gunwales and swimming after the white whale.”

Read the rest of “It’s the ‘pure entrepreneur’ who often leads the way.

Originally spotted by Scott Loftesness. I was tipped off by the ever-busy Business Opportunities Weblog.

And third, an article from Inc about business luck…

“The second difference between business luck and everyday luck is that luck in business can be created, whereas everyday luck cannot. You can’t will yourself to find $20 on the sidewalk. But you can create a company that gets lucky more often than the average company. Indeed, there is a pseudo-scientific formula for creating business luck. The key element is this: Lucky things happen to entrepreneurs who start fundamentally innovative, morally compelling, and philosophically positive companies.”

Business “luck” can absolutely be created. I’d add to this list that “luck” is attracted to people who are engaged and active in what they are doing, and who are prepared to act… FAST… when opportunity arises. Luck is attracted to action and speed.

Read the rest of the article Lucky or Smart here. I was tipped off by Jeff Cornwall at the Entrepreneur’s Mind.

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