The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Question

Lately, a lot of clients seem hell-bent on massive growth but can’t tell me… quickly… why. It’s difficult to choose the right way to grow when you don’t know why you want to grow and what you want to do with the growth once you have it. Anyway… these clients get the “lifestyle entrepreneur” question and the discussion that follows. (Most recently it was a small VAR business in the midwest.)

You’d be amazed at how many people have to think really hard before answering this. (For those of you who simply must get the right answer…………… There is NO right answer. This just reveals where your motivations are.)

Anyway, the question from which the follow-ups emerge…

If you have a thriving business that nets you 1/5/10/## (whatever your number is) million a year, does it matter how large the business is?

Followed by…


Once you figure out why you want to grow it is a hell of a lot easier to make good decisions about how to grow.

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