The Entrepreneur’s Journey

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I’m not ashamed to admit I get misty-eyed when I read and hear about the journeys so many entrepreneurs take.

Common experiences … ups and downs … triumphs and failures … and the desire and vision to carry on through it all. Leadership refined in the fires of what most consider hell. Facing a challenge. Pressing on. And keeping that capacity for a lifetime.

I love it all.

Get thee to Pause and read The Entrepreneur’s Paradox, a tiny excerpt found below (emphasis is mine)…

I called my business partner and told her that I needed some time “to think” (a.k.a.: get a part-time job). She, a life-long entrepreneur, knew that I was simply not used to living without regular doses of financial oxygen to fuel my brain. Ironically, it was during these moments of gasping for air that I cut off any oxygen that did exist. Any chance that I had to help the business earn money was squelched by my reactions to not having that money in-sight.
It’s the paradox that many entrepreneurs experience, that of having to make rain in the desert. Of setting out on a long journey and trusting that what they haven’t packed for the road won’t be missed too much–that they will find better nourishment by leaving than by staying.

I’d love to quote the terrific close here, but you (and every other small business entrepreneur) really should read the original. grin

Tipped off by Jack Cheng’s blog.

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