Teleseminar & webinar show rates … PLUS continuity program marketing strategies

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Wish there was a better way to maximize the show rate of your teleseminars and increase the sign-ups to your continuity programs? On the most recent Teleseminar & Webinar Roundtable Call, Michael laid out several new strategies to do both things.

Strategies like …

  • Several “shock strategies” to make old, uncoverted leads take notice of your teleseminars. Any one of these ideas can turn people who have been on your list for months or even years … without giving you a penny … into ravenous buyers.

  • A new “old” kind of promotion guaranteed to boost your show rate to the next level. (I’m talking beyond the 30-50% mark!) And because more people means the chance for higher conversions…

  • A visual strategy for teleseminar handouts that cuts through the clutter and increases your show-up rates (and it works especially well in competitive markets like real estate investing, internet marketing, and self-help.)

  • A unique twist on a tried and true closing strategy. (How to make a seamless transition into actually asking for your prospect’s money…and getting it.)

The Septmeber 2006 Coaching Call is up on the Member Site now, here’s the link:

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