Teleseminar Marketing works better in a “Bad Economy?”

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What happens to your prospects when they hear story after story about the “bad economy?”

They get scared.


And that fear keeps them from making buying decisions that could improve their finances, their health, and everything else in their life.

Rational or not … justified or not … that fear keeps them from investing in YOU and what you have to offer.

They freeze.

A few years ago, someone struck up a conversation with me in the hallway of a marketing seminar. He asked me what I thought of no fewer than a half-dozen different Internet marketing strategies. I shared my experiences and passed on a few from my private clients.

Clearly frustrated, the guy finally stopped me and said, “I have tried so many things and nothing has worked. I’m sick of it. I just want the right thing this time, but I don’t know what it is … and I don’t believe anyone who tells me they have it.”

Now, his real problem boiled down to two things.

First was a lack of focus.

He didn’t know what he really wanted, so he grasped at whatever “opportunity” came his way. (That is a sure formula for failure. And a formula that people selling “opportunities” take massive advantage of.)

Second was fear.

Because he had been frustrated so many times, the idea of making another mistake and suffering another failure paralyzed him.

I saw the same guy a year later.

… asking the same questions.

… stuck in the same place.

… and probably a bit poorer from his (non)strategy of standing on the railroad tracks and “hoping” the train never came.

And many of your prospects, whatever you sell, are a lot like him.

They are so fearful from the news they hear now and from the experiences they have had in the past, that they are afraid to do ANYTHING about their present or future.

Now, here is the trick.

(Pay attention … it is important.)

To be successful right now in business, no matter what you sell or who you sell it to, you have to do two things:

1) Remain clearly focused on What You Want in your business, and boldly act on those desires without becoming prey to your fears.

2) Help others get beyond their fear, so they “get” why it makes sense to do business with you and be unafraid themselves.

Does that make sense?

Read it again, if not.

People are still spending plenty of money.

They are just more selective about what they spend it on.

And you need to shift their criteria about what makes a good decision.

Which brings me to my next point.

Why would I suggest that teleseminars work better in a bad economy?

If you have ever heard me speak or been on one of my teleseminars or webinars, you have probably heard me explain the psychology of “The Real Person Factor” and Leadership, as they apply to teleseminars.

And those two things are what make teleseminars (and webinars) superior to most sales mechanisms right now (and, frankly, in normal times, too).

You see, when you do a teleseminar right … you do three things.

First, you build enormous TRUST. This is key. Getting the person on the other end of your teleseminar to feel they can trust you is a crucial first step, but it is not enough to get them to buy from you. So …

Next you communicate a special kind of “Empathetic Leadership.” They “get” that you understand them, what their situation is, and that you have a way to get away from what they don’t want and towards what they do.

Finally, you invite them along for the adventure of their lives

So Trust, Leadership and a Path to have what they really want.

Now, you might be saying, “you can do that in copy, too.”

And you are right.

You can.

But, most people aren’t incredibly gifted writers (or they aren’t paying 6-figure fees to people who are) … so their copy comes across as phony. Fake. Not real. Bull%!&@.

… like something that they read how to do in a copywriting course.

And, when someone is already afraid, “phony” and “fake” will MURDER your conversions.

One of the big advantages of teleseminars is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a poor speaker … a good speaker … or a great speaker, because you come across as “yourself.”

People hear your voice.

People hear that you are a real person.

And it helps them to get past their fear … to believe … and to trust.

When you combine those qualities with a strategy to get people to take action … they stop being prospects.

They become buyers.

Even today.

Be well,
Michael Cage

P.S. The first question I asked that guy at the seminar was, “what do you want … really?” He wasn’t sure. So no matter what he did, he’d miss a target that didn’t exist. If you do know what you want with your business and your life … and you believe teleseminars are a fit to help you get there … go here for the definitive training on teleseminars & webinars that sell.

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