Teleseminar marketing with the “leapfrog strategy” (12-month plan)

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Have you heard of Robert Ringer’s “Leapfrog Theory?”

Ringer’s theory says you don’t have to start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up. He says that no matter what your business is, you have opportunities available to start at the top of the ladder … and opportunities to throw away the ladder altogether.

On this coaching call, Michael laid out a surprisingly simple 12-month strategy to use leverage to crank your profitability to a new high – no matter how many competitors are in your market or how crowded the space.

The strategy is driven by one simple “trick” that puts you far ahead of the competition – even if your market has many sophisticated competitors.

The December 2006 call is up for Members now. Here is the link:

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P.S. One more thing – you can also use the “trick” to go back in time. If you have even one teleseminar that has successfully sold in the past … you can turn it into a systemized money-machine from this point forward. Details are on the coaching call.

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