Storytelling, mythology and boosting response on your teleseminars and webinars

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You probably know that Hollywood effortlessly rakes in billions of dollars from ticket sales every year. What you might not know is the “trick” they use to make that happen can also be used to take your teleseminars to entirely new levels of performance.

The “trick” certainly has nothing to do with having a “Hollywood body”, flashy special effects, or having your face smeared across the cover of every tabloid in the nation.

What you do need is to infuse your teleseminars with a specific “myth” that Hollywood moguls weave into every story they tell – a “storytelling trick.” This “myth” has been ingrained in your customers since childhood …

… and when you understand how to harness it
on your own teleseminars, your close rates
will go through the roof.

Michael broke it down in the March 2007 Roundtable Call. Here’s the link:

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