Stop shouting if you want people to register and show up for your webinars and teleseminars

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Is getting people to pay attention to your webinars and teleseminars getting harder and harder? Is a sea of competition shouting similar messages and drowning your ideas out?

Most people think the solution is to shout louder.

The (poor) thinking goes something like this: If making $1,000 in a day sells well, then promising that people will make $1,000,000 in a minute will sell even better. Except it doesn’t really work that way, because when all you do is shout bigger and better benefits, your market simply stops believing you. (More blunt: They decide you are “just like the rest” and “full of it.” This is a big problem in the internet marketing and business opportunity markets.)

So if that isn’t the solution, what is?

Stop shouting and do a little studying.

Studying your customer, that is.

When you connect emotionally with your customer…when you understand – on the deepest level – what makes them tick, what passions drive them, what that one desire they would happily empty their life savings to possess … then getting people to pay attention, register for your teleseminars, and eagerly buy what you are offering becomes easier than ever before.

In the latest Roundtable Call, Michael revealed 3 distinct “tiers of motivation” that dictate your customer’s buying decisions. When you understand how to harness them in your marketing, cutting through the commotion and generating sales becomes earily simple.

The October 2007 call is on the Member Site now. Here is your link to login and listen to it:

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P.S. Still need another reason to listen? In this call Michael claims that some of the least money-motivated businessmen and women he knows are also some of the RICHEST! Yep…it didn’t make sense to me at first either. But find out how by logging on and listening to the call…here’s that link again:

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