Staples Customer Service

Had an interesting experience in my local Staples a few day ago.

To set this up properly, I am in this place between 3 and 5 times a week. Usually in the evening. And the girl who usually rings me up asks me for identification… every time. I ask why, she says, “because I can’t read your signature, we have to ask.” Fair enough. No one else does, but I figure maybe this is that “by the book, rules following” employee I always hear exists.

So… a few days ago, I have a spiffy new card. Brand new signature. Clear as day, easy to read. And I’m coming up to the line.

Her: “Can I see your ID please?”
Me: “Why? You can read the signature on this one.”
Her: “For your protection.”
Me: “You see me at least a few times a week, what are you protecting me from? How come no one else makes me break out ID in here?”
Her: “Ummm… I just like being different. It’s a way to annoy people.”
Me: “Why should I give you my ID just because you want to annoy me?”
Her: “Ummm… For your protection???”
Me: “Did you know that the retail employees are a big source of identity theft? I’m not letting you see my card anymore.”

I’ll cut off the dialogue there.


I think I’ll be going an extra 10 minutes out of my way to the other office store from now on. Who hires these people, and why do they last more than a day on the job?

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