Small Business Entrepreneurs Need A System To Hire Employees

After a handful of phone consultations last week, it has become abundantly clear that most small business entrepreneurs have no clue how to effectively and efficiently hire assistants and other employees. This is not something to be left to chance, nor is it something that should dominate your workweek.

One client had spent the better part of 2 weeks fielding phone calls and conducting interviews to find “the one.” When questioned about the outcome the best he could offer was which ones he “liked” better and had a “good feeling” about.

I approach hiring the same way I approach marketing. Turn it into a system, reduce manual labor to the absolute minimum, and make the candidates qualify well before they can ever get you on the phone. Select the best of the best from the qualification process, and take them through the manual labor stages — phone call, interview, and hire. I’ll write more about this later this week.

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1 Anonymous June 23, 2004 at 6:06 pm

Check out this product—it allows you to screen candidates as they come in, move them into various folders and collect team feedback all of which is linked to the candidates application.
Its a big help when I need to hire people.


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