Small Business Carnival

So, after hosting the Carnival of the Capitalists last week (which was a blast, BTW) … and surveying the usual suspects in my blogroll … I think we are firmly in need of a Carnival just for small business topics. Things like:

Topics for the Small Business Carnival

  • Small biz marketing.
  • Small biz advertising.
  • Hiring and keeping good employees.
  • Reaching out to your community.
  • Management issues.
  • How to start a small business.
  • What it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • Teaching/learning entrepreneurship.
  • And so on…

How to submit an entry

I’m going ahead with this … so, I’ll set up a seperate page just for the Small Business Carnival and accept entries this week, and will publish the first edition next Monday. If you want to submit an entry or host the Carnival one week, send an E-mail to sbcarnival AT gmail DOT com.

How to host the SBC

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