Saying Goodbye to Jason

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On Sunday, my wife, Michele, and I spent most of the day alternating between crying and remembering Jason, a cat I found half-starved and scrounging for food in September of 05. He was the most affectionate cat we’ve ever seen, preferring Michele’s lap while she was working and a comfy spot between us both in bed at night. Many mornings we woke up with Jason looking at us, one of his paws resting gently on top of our hands.

We never could figure out how such a sweet cat could have ended up outside and alone, and we both feel lucky to have had him with us for the time we did.

A few months back he started having health problems. Nothing too severe, but we knew something wasn’t right. After a lot of trips to the vet trying to uncover what was happening, it turned out to be cancer pushing against his spine. He gradually lost complete function of his back legs, and spent his last month stylishly lounging around the house in cat diapers.

He was sweet, affectionate and loving till the moment we said “Goodbye” on Sunday. The photo above was taken Sunday morning.

I saw a Flickr photo with the caption, “I want to be the person my dog thinks I am.” For me, the same is true of this special cat.

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1 Anonymous April 24, 2007 at 1:39 am

Dear Michael,

I was listening to your call tonight with Perry Marshall, and found this blog entry. 

First, my deepest sympathies in you & Michele’s loss of Jason.  That is a wonderful picture of you & Jason together. 

Second, I sincerely appreciate your amazing contribution on the call and sharing your mentorship with Dan Kennedy.  I saw him this last weekend in Chicago at the 2007 Glazer-Kennedy Super Conference.  He had been in a very serious horse accident with a vertabrae fracture and was in a wheelchair and had his cane, but he still got on stage and presented.  Dan is definitely the modern day Napolean Hill…  smile

Looking forward to meeting you live someday.  I think I may have seen you at Super Conference, but didn’t make the in person connection…  I sincerely appreciate your call.  Will use your techniques to incrementally improve my teleseminars. 

Christine Cibula, CEO
Strategic Living, Inc.


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