Quote: Wilson Harrell On The Entrepreneur’s Path

Wilson Harrell (of Inc Magazine, Formula 401, and Thighmaster fame among others) has been a favorite of mine for many years. I clearly remember month-after-month impatiently waiting for the latest Inc Magazine to arrive so I could dig straight into his column at the back of the publication. (I do the same thing now with Norm Brodsky’s Street Smarts column.)

“After aquiring the first shop, he or she says to the spouse: ‘Dear, we are going to mortgage this home — one more time, borrow money from everyone we can, including your mother, and maybe even your brother. We’re going to hock everything we own, because I’m about to buy another dry cleaning shop. And then, we’re going to hock those to buy another, and those, to buy a third. Because I’m going to be the biggest dry cleaner in this city, this state, this nation.’”
- Wilson Harrell, For Entrepreneurs Only

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