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A snippet about a very smart practice from Best Buy. Your customers are NOT equal … they do NOT want to be treated equally … and businesses who recognize this fact have a great opportunity for increased profits.

Store manager Jenine Bryant scanned the entrance of the Best Buy, sizing up each customer who passed through. Just before noon, a blond woman in a fashionable white sleeveless shirt and flower-patterned pants wandered in unsteadily, fumbling inside her purse for a scrap of paper.

She looked at it, then looked up at the signs denoting how the store is laid out, and then she looked down and up again. Bryant recognized her immediately and rushed over.

The woman was a “Jill,” code name for a soccer-mom type who is the main shopper for the family but usually avoids electronics stores. She is well-educated and usually very confident, but she is intimidated by the products at Best Buy and the store clerks who spout words like gigabytes and megapixels.

Best Buy Co. is trying to change that by giving her the rock star treatment at selected stores: Sending sales associates with pink umbrellas to escort the Jills to and from their cars on rainy days and hoisting giant posters in the stores that pay homage to the Jills and their children, who are shown playing with the latest high-tech gadgets.

What unique, underserved and profitable (read: With Bottled Up Cash They’d Be Happy To Spend With A Business That “Gets” And “Appreciates” Them…) customers are you ignoring? Why?

From the Washington Post.

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