Niche Marketing Rolls Again

When mass market companies offer products to a broad audience, there is oodles of profitable business to be scooped up by nicheing to highly-responsive and underserved segments. This article from Startup Journal talks about several companies offering “family-friendly” alternatives to computer games, Hollywood, and more.

While edgy videogames like “Grand Theft Auto” and gory movies like “Saw” are popular entertainment, eGames and other small businesses have pursued their own niche — family-friendly entertainment. These firms say there’s a rising demand for games and movies without the profanity, sex and violence often featured in the top sellers of large movie studios and videogame publishers.
“The market was telling us that if parents could buy products and be 100% guaranteed that they weren’t going to be surprised with the content, they’d be very interested,” says Rich Siporin, vice president of sales and marketing of Langhorne, Pa.-based eGames.
The company started in the early 1990s under the name RomTech and sold a hodgepodge of PC software, Mr. Siporin says. It gradually began to focus on games, and by 1999 it decided to change its name and sell only family-friendly PC games, most for less than $20. The company doesn’t target the 18-year-old boys who favor such offerings as Grand Theft Auto, Mr. Siporin says. Instead, the underserved market includes younger children as well as older adults, including 35- to 40-year-olds who want “casual games whether traveling with a laptop, or at home on the PC,” says Mr. Siporin.

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