Men and last minute Christmas shopping

Tee-hee, you gotta read this

“December is run by women,” I told him. “It doesn’t matter if it’s Hannukah, Kwanzaa or Christmas, women do it all. Without women, holiday cookies wouldn’t be baked, Christmas cards wouldn’t be sent, and kids wouldn’t see Santa at the mall.”
I paused for a moment while the waitress took our order, then continued to rant.
“If women didn’t do the shopping, kids really would get coal for Christmas. Actually, coal is too hard to find. If it were left up to men, kids would just get sticks gathered from around the yard. And I guarantee, the sticks wouldn’t be picked up until the day before Christmas, and then only if they were on sale!”

Personally, if people aren’t fighting in the aisles for the last fad-of-the-year, I don’t feel like it’s Christmas. I’ve always been a last minute shopper, but not for the reasons implied in this article.

I love the chaos, energy and excitement of trucking around Tysons and Tysons II with more bags than one man can reasonably carry … with the minutes and hours rapidly ticking by. It’s kind of like disarming a bomb, only different.

It’s tradition for, and I’ll never change it.

I can’t even imagine doing my shopping online … what fun is that???????

I mean, even if you don’t do ANY shopping, Christmas eve people-watching is a fascinating ant farm to observe human behavior in……….

Tipped off via Kirsten’s always excellent blog

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