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I was watching the NatGeo show, “Dog Whisperer” the other day and, like most things, it got me thinking about you and your teleseminars …

One of my favorite things to do is to look outside of the information marketing world for principles and strategies that I can take and translate back into this sphere.

If you’ve been with me for any amount of time, you know I love psychology; so “Dog Whisperer” is right up my alley … Cesar Milan, the trainer, does all his work using dog psychology and pack mentality.

The episode I caught was about a nervous German Shepherd who was terrified of everything, from people to other dogs to loud noises and toys … you name it. And in an attempt to help him overcome his fears, his owner brought him with her to work everyday: a rec center for adults with mental disabilities.

But instead of playing and socializing, the Shepherd hid under her desk, shaking from fear.

Enter Cesar Milan.

In a matter of only a few hours, Cesar transformed the Shepherd into a confident, friendly, social animal.

How? By taking a leadership role and letting the dog relax and follow.

The best thing I ever got from Jay Abraham is this quote: “People are silently begging to be lead.”

This doesn’t mean that people are stupid or naive or that they should be taken advantage of.

That’s not it at all.

It does mean that we live in a complex world where you can not possibly become an expert in everything you need to make decisions about.

  • We used to live in a world where there were 4 television channels, there are thousands today.
  • Go back 20 years and there was no Internet as it exists today, yet today there are uber-gazillions of pages of information out there.

When people are overwhelmed with information and they need to make decisions, they get fearful.

And you need to understand that fear is one of the most debilitating emotions your market feels when deciding whether or not to buy from you. Fear of failure. Fear of making another bad decision. Fear of ridicule. Fear of let down.

It’s a huge obstacle you have to overcome if you’re ever going to be successful. (So big, in fact, I recently devoted another post just to fear and why teleseminars help you sell more in a down economy. You can read it here.

The majority of your market has been burned so many times, that when it comes time to trust you and accept your offer, they can’t. They’re like the petrified German Shepherd who won’t come out from under the desk.

Unless you lead them out.

See, one shortcut we humans use to make decisions is by finding someone we trust and letting them lead the way.

That’s where your teleseminar marketing, your webinar marketing, and your video marketing comes in.

They give you a platform to stand up and take the lead …

To offer people direction, purpose, and reassurance …

To help them skip past the mistakes and hard knocks that you went through …

To let them borrow on your confidence … trust you … and, ultimately, buy from you.

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1 Sarah Clachar February 20, 2012 at 10:53 am

Mike, you have some great information here. I’m packing it all away for my upcoming teleseminar. Thank you for publishing this.


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