Is there a Software and Technology Crisis?

Darcy Bruner has an excellent post about the alleged Software Crisis.

One crackpot theory floating around the atmosphere in past decades is a variation of the following: soon we will have enough workers (or systems and software to replace workers) to supply everything a human could want to live, so everyone will have to begin to (or be forced to) work less time because there will be nothing left to do or make. Otherwise, the crackpots cry, unemployment will go through the roof.

Fact is, we humans have an amazing ability to always want more, dream more, and ask that magic question: “what’s next?”

More than anything, the source of crisis in technology employment and in many small technology consulting businesses is found here: An unrealistic expectation of the way the business world works was set during the anomaly we call the “technology boom.” Businesses were started by people who did not have the requisite business skills to run a business — like marketing, sales, handling finances, and innovating in response to and in front of market demand. The boom disappeared, and people who did not have the requisite business skills found out their success was due to being in the right place at the right time; not having a sustainable business model.

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