Introvert Entrepreneurs (and related stuff)

Rob at BusinessPundit posted about Introversion, Anxiety and Entrepreneurship.

Read it, then pop back here for some commentary.

  • While psychological profiles can be a useful tool (I recommend the Kolbe test for employee hires, for example) it is dangerous to assume the result of the test as an identity statement. All too often they are used as crutches. “Well, I’m [fill in label - ADD, Introvert, etc] so I can’t help it.” …is all too often the stated or unstated message put forth.
  • As to Rob’s post, of a dozen or so very successful entrepreneurs I am close with, only 1 would qualify as an extrovert. The rest have “typical” introvert characteristics, and have cultivated the ability to switch to an “extrovert-mode” when appropriate or advantageous.
  • I can relate to Rob’s “trial-by-fire” method of getting over anxiety. I was scared to death to talk to people I didn’t know until I spent a summer selling fire alarms door-to-door. I did it for the express purpose of getting over that fear, and boy… did it ever work. I’ve found many successful entrepreneurs have direct sales experience somewhere in their background. It helps them make better reality-based marketing decisions, as opposed to field-of-dreams b.s. like “image-first” approaches.

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