In the experience economy your customers want…

From Jim Gilmore, of The Experience Economy fame…

In the Agrarian Economy, the dominant purchase criteria was Availability (price being set by supply-and-demand, and only influencing the quantity of materials purchased in the marketplace). In the Industrial Economy, Cost became the dominant driver of purchases as Mass Production made more and more goods affordable to the masses. In the Service Economy, Quality come to dominate, with the performance of offerings became most important as consumers increasingly rely upon others to perform certain activities on their behalf. And now, in the Experience Economy, in an increasingly unreal world of staged places and mediated events, consumers want Authenticity.

Everyone talks about authenticity as a “silver bullet” nowadays.

But it’s not.

You can be the most authentic company in your market, but still fail miserably. Just like you can have the best product in your market, and go broke.

In order to leverage authenticity into revenue (the best business ideas in the world fail not because of management or funding or branding … but because the people who run them do not know how to turn great ideas into dollars) you need to be able to communicate it to your market in a way they a) find relevant and b) respond to.

In other words, being “authentic” does not “replace” that “icky marketing” … no matter how much some people wish it could and would. Being authentic is an amazing foundation upon which your marketing can be successful.

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