How to uncover Marketing and Business Breakthroughs

Every interaction you or your staff has with clients is an opportunity to spot a breakthrough marketing opportunity.

During a recent coaching conversation, Mike L., an IT consultant and computer reseller in Idaho mentioned in passing that many of his business clients had been asking him about digital photography. Not for business use, but for personal use. Mike let it go in one ear and out the other because he was not interested in getting into consumer markets. I suggested it was a massive opportunity for him to increase his business clientele with no manual labor and without him getting into the consumer business.

How? I told him to make a deal with a local camera shop to hold a 90 minute demonstration of the latest digital cameras and how to use them. Mike could then offer the seminar to his clients as a bonus for new service or as a client appreciation event. The camera shop wins because they get high-quality prospects in the door who are likely to become customers. Mike wins because he gives something to his clients they want, continues to strengthen relationships, and taps into a latent want without manual labor. Now, here’s a question for you…

Are you sorting everything you hear from your prospects and clients for hidden business/marketing/advertising/partnership opportunities to…

  • make new sales?
  • craft new marketing pieces?
  • create value added partnerships and joint ventures?
  • strengthen your client relationships

…all with little-to-no additional work?

If not, start now.

Opportunities to improve your business, marketing, and profits are all around you. Only if you are looking for the right things and asking the right questions about your observations will you be able to capitalize on them. Sometimes the most significant business and marketing breakthroughs are simple, cheap, and right in front of your nose!

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