How to introduce and close a teleseminar for more sales

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Far too many people put tremendous effort into getting someone on a teleseminar or webinar … only to completely undermine the sale by ignoring two critical points in the actual presentation.

When these two points are done well:

  • Your prospects will listen with complete attention no matter how long your teleseminar goes (Michael has multiple clients making 6-7 figures with teleseminars that are LONGER than 2 hours … something “most people” think can’t be done).

  • Your prospects will be so emotionally invested in what you are talking about that they are willing to buy before they even know what the offer is.

The two points are a strong opening and a strong close.

Michael spent over an hour on his latest Roundtable Call covering step-by-step strategies you can use to boost the power of your teleseminar openings and closes. Including:

  • A new discovery about powerful teleseminar openings that can give a 32%+ bump to your sales at the end of the call. You only have 7 minutes to get this right … or your sales will suffer at the end.

  • The secret to the “push/pull” close. This strategy ensures that you hit your prospect’s emotional “hot buttons” and compels them to buy.

The December 2005 coaching call is on the Member Site now.

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