How to grab and hold attention in an attention-starved world

It seems the latest trend is to declare the long marketing message dead. As “proof” … people cite shortened attention spans, increased multi-tasking and an “immunity” to advertising.

Have you ever rented a movie that was so bad you stopped watching 15 minutes in? Would it have mattered whether it was only 90 or 60 or even 45 minutes long? Of course not, the moment you know you aren’t interested you shut it off.

Have you ever started watching a movie and … two hours later … you are left emotionally touched and wondering where the time went? Would it have mattered whether it was a 3-hour epic? Of course not, when you are emotionally involved … there are few limits to the time and energy you’ll put into it.

Hollywood producers understand that they need to capture … hold … and consistently re-engage your core emotions to hold your attention throughout a movie. A marketing message is the same way.

There aren’t many good Hollywood producers. I believe there are even fewer really good marketers.

If your people don’t have the attention span for your messages … the answer isn’t to shorten them. No matter how short they get … you’ve been told, loud and clear … that they are not compelling enough. The answer is to drill down to the emotional core of who you are and what you do … and where those things intersect with the desires of your market … and then communicate that in the most powerful and compelling way possible.

Quit taking the lazy way out.

Quit blaming the market.

Quit blaming THEM for not sitting through a boring message about why YOU are so great.

You have met the enemy … and he is you.

Update: Timely post, it seems. The RainMaker Maker (not a typo) adds/points to additional thoughts from Seth Godin.

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