How Starbucks can help you deliver better teleseminars, webinars and online videos

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Every day, I spend $5 on a latte from Starbucks. Add that up and you get $1,825 every year that I don’t think twice about paying. You just know that Starbucks really “gets” the lifetime value of a customer like me.

Ask most marketers if they’d like to have the same relationship with their customers and they’ll say “sure, but my business doesn’t sell coffee so it is different.”

They couldn’t be more wrong.

There is a secret to possessing that kind of relationship with your customers that has nothing to do with coffee. It goes way beyond marketing features and benefits alone. And it can be used to increase sales on your teleseminars, webinars and online videos.

The secret is about understanding the unique place you need to focus your marketing energy towards … the place that allows you to trump your competition and generate repeat sales time and time again.

Michael uncovers this secret in the June 2007 Coaching Call, and explains how to use it to close more sales on your teleseminars and webinars. Log on to the member site and start listening today:

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P.S. I recently walked into a Starbucks and ran smack into the line of people that extended to the door. I wondered how, even though there’s a Starbucks on practically every block, they can still be packed and other coffee shops sit empty. Find out how by listening to this Coaching Call. Here’s that link again:

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1 juliacassidy June 9, 2010 at 11:07 am

Good post, and the insight on the article is very realistic. I agree with it. I don't really know if it can be applied for teleseminars because I don't really know much about them, but Starbucks is a business example for sure.


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