How local business blogging = 850% increase in lead generation

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In 2008, Duncan Page brought his grandfather’s 117 year old company into the Web 2.0 era through his blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Louis E. Page Inc, which is based out of a warehouse in Littleton, Massachusetts, sells wire mesh fencing supplies. Not exactly the type of industry you’d expect to profit from social networking.

But today’s  success story is the perfect example of how any small business, no matter what you sell or who you sell it to, can profit from online social media.

You can get the full story and watch the video by clicking the link below, but first I want to highlight the important part for you. From the Orchestra Team:

Duncan Page said his typical blog post is “just an article about the products. We don’t say you should buy this from us. We don’t really refer to ourselves at all. It’s really important to the whole marketing effort to blog and sort of become known as an authority and a trusted authority on what you’re selling. We’ve been around enough to know the kind of questions people have about products, so we try to explain that in the blog. It’s information like that they wouldn’t be able to find out easily any other way.”

This is important because a huge mistake a lot of small businesses make is viewing social media ONLY as a new way to sell more of their products or services.

Now, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t sell on Twitter or Facebook or your blog. In fact, many local restaurants have had great success bringing in customers by Tweeting about their daily specials.

But what I am saying is if you never do anything but sell, your blog posts and Tweets and other social media outreach will quickly fall on deaf ears.

Social media is most effective as a relationship and authority building tool.

So finding the right balance between relationship building and selling is critical.

See how Duncan does it is this short video.

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