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Over the last two months I have been consulting with two large companies looking to generate more leads using webinar marketing.

This idea — doing a webinar to generate leads for b2b marketing and sales — is nothing new, of course.

But just because everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean everyone is doing it well.

What I have found is that industry “best practices” have left many leads (and sales) on the table by not maximizing their registrations, not having a proper presentation structure, and not having the follow-up systems in place to make the marketing-to-sales transition happen smoothly.

In short, they could be doing much better.

“A 5-Step Process To Better Lead Generation Webinars”

In a few short weeks, I am going to deliver a free webinar on lead generation. It is specifically designed for companies selling b2b (business-to-business), and is appropriate for both marketing and sales management.

If you’d like to be included, just fill out the form below and I’ll send you an invite when a date has been set.

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