Entrepreneurship is a journey of transformation

Barry Moltz met with Kaleil Isaza Tuzman (from the movie “Startup.com” and now author of “The Entrepreneur’s Success Kit : A 5-Step Lesson Plan to Create and Grow Your Own Business“) and blogged about it:

He takes total responsibility for his failure where he lost $55M of money from VCs, his friends and family. He states that he let his ego take control of the business. He was pursuing fame and recognition instead of selling govWorks solutions. Kaleil says that at the time, he prioritized business over relationships. He thought that he was out to change the world, but all he really wanted was recognition. He now realized that this was his Achilles Heal.
“As entrepreneurs, failure brings us face to face with our demons. There is no institution there to keep us insulated or safe. We are on our own to enjoy our strengths and weaknesses. Entrepreneurship is a journey of transformation.”

Read the full post, “Startup.com Strikes Back” at Barry’s blog.

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