Do you surprise your customers and clients?

Marketing is seduction. There are few things that cool the fires quicker than boredom, routine, predictability. Yet small businesses … the group most able to surprise and entice with the unexpected … are usually the most routine, boring and predictable.

Doing what someone expects is not surprise.

Doing what they expect, only a little better, does not send chills up the spine.

Doing something completely unexpected … meaningful … emotional … creates far more than buzz and talk … it generates a visceral, emotional reaction that your customer associates with you and your business. Your question for the week is: “How can you build the element of surprise into everything your business offers?”

(In coming weeks I’ll highlight businesses who are good at delivering that ‘surprise extra.’ If you have a recommendation, send it my way: michael DOT cage AT gmail DOT com or leave a comment on this post. Thanks – MC.)

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