Developing and using a core sales story on your teleseminars and webinars

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Tired of investing your time, money and energy into your teleseminars and webinars without seeing the returns you’ve hoped and dreamed for?

Want to close two, three or four times as often as before…and double, triple, even quadruple your profits?

Well, so does everyone else and everyone else is trying to. But, now, Michael lets you in on the one “secret” that all wildly successful teleseminars and webinars have in common – a secret that differentiates you from your competition and drives your profits through the roof!

This “secret” (the one that he has used many times to generate 6-figures in a little over an hour) is not a catchy headline or a sit-up and pay-attention introduction. It’s not those powerful bullets points…or your compelling proof…or even your impeccable follow-up process!

It is, however, the foundation of all million-dollar presentations, and it’s laid out for you in Michael’s most recent training call.

In this call, you will learn…

  • How this “secret” lets you connect to your audience on a deep, emotional level. (And why when you do, they’ll be pulling out the their wallets not matter what your price…time and time again!)

  • How this “secret” makes aggressive key sales points that are subtle but very, very powerful. (What if you could make your audience react to your teleseminars and webinars exactly the way you want them to? Michael will show you how.)

  • This “secret’s” 7 crucial elements. (And why applying all 7 of them will not only infinitely improve the conversion rates of your teleseminars and webinars, but will also vastly enhance the effectiveness of ALL of your marketing endeavors.)

In this 90 minute call, Michael unveils the “secret” in excruciating detail, going, step-by-step, through what it is and how it sells your product for you. If you do not master this skills, your teleseminars and webinars will never be as lucrative as they could and should be.

The August 2007 recording is on the member site now. Click here to login and listen:

You’re only 90 minutes away from exponentially multiplying your company’s marketing returns…

Best Wishes,

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