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The 800-CEO-Read fellas (and fellettes?) really know how to engineer evangelism, and, buzz… grin Read this over at the Hello World Blog:

This year I bought some books from these guys, not loads, about 60 or so. Then today I got what is undoubtedly the single best corporate gift I have ever received. Let this be a lesson to everyone:
Aaron contacted Helen, our office manager to find out the specific taste of every one of Missing Link’s employees, then went and handpicked books, CD’s, DVD’s and magazines, basically something for everyone (from metal, to punk, to goth, to house music, to art – I shit you not).
Putting aside the considerable monetary value of this gift, the time spent hand-picking these items is what really amazed me. It is so much more remarkable than the usual crap people send out, it is also extremely special and memorable.

Go read the full post for the rest of the story. (Tipped off by Scoble.)

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