Cold Calling Sucks! (For computer consulting businesses and everyone else, too.)

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Yes, yes, yes… cold calling does thoroughly and completely suck!

I wrote “Cold Calling Sucks! Why I hate cold calling, and why every computer consulting business should hate cold calling, too!” as a response to a subscriber of one of my newsletters. Even though it was written for computer consulting businesses, it applies to just about anyone wasting their time or their salespeople’s time with cold calling. It’s worth a read, if I do say so myself… grin

I’ve pasted the intro below…

If you currently rely on cold calling to generate new clients for your computer, networking or IT consulting business, you have three major problems.
First, you are positioning your consulting business as being desperate for clients – the complete and total opposite of the “Ultimate Advisor” strategy my most successful clients employ. When you cold call the first thought that goes through the listeners mind is, “if this firm is calling people they don’t even know trying to drum up business, they must not be busy. And if they are not busy, they probably are not very good.” This is the absolute worst way to begin a sales relationship. You are left fighting an uphill battle from the very first moment.
Second, if you are using salespeople to make the cold calls, you are wasting their talents thoroughly and completely. Salespeople make your computer consulting business money when they generate signed contracts. Not when they are calling hundreds of business hoping to get 1 in 50 to say, “yeah, I’ll talk.” You should want your skilled salespeople to spend as close to 100% of their time sitting in front of qualified prospects highly motivated to do business, simply because this is the activity that makes your computer consulting business money.
And third, if you are relying on cold calling to generate motivated, qualified leads; I guarantee one of two things is true. Either your computer consulting business is running marketing campaigns that are completely failing. Or, your computer consulting business does not understand the true purpose of marketing and how to measure its success. (Or both.)
Now, what I have just said will anger many people…
Read the rest at Cold Calling Sucks! Why I hate cold calling, and why every computer consulting business should hate cold calling, too!

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