Being under-stimulated by advertising

A post from Jim Logan, which I both agree and disagree with:

We are over stimulated with advertising – seeing, reading, and hearing it everywhere we look and listen. We turn it off. Most is ignored. It’s not enough to have a full page add with a great logo and cleaver tagline. You need to offer more.

Sure, you can spend enough money to get noticed, if you have enough money to spend. But you don’t. So, you need to work differently. Odds are your product or service needs to be put in the context of a great story. Great stories are hard to ignore and even harder to hold secret. They beg to be told.

Our task is to capture the things we do and the way we do them and turn them into stories that attract customers and excite them. We can’t take the chance on being seen. We don’t have the time or money for that to happen.

I believe we are under-stimulated by advertising.

As Jim pointed out, we have learned to tune out messages that don’t demonstrate immediate relevance to what is happening in our lives. It’s the same mechanism that allows us to function with billions and billions of pages of information (the Internet) available when it didn’t exist a little over a decade ago. This is as it should be. We could not function without it.

Where most small businesses fail at marketing can almost always be tracked back to two things: a) they have not thoroughly identified and understood a unique target market and/or b) they are not directly addressing a top 3 problem or goal that market has.

Jim mentions having a great story … and I agree … but what will make that story stick out and grab your market:

  1. You should have a deep, empathetic understanding of the top 3 problems and goals your market has.
  2. Your story should connect the dots between one of those problems or goals and your offer.

A great story that is not relevant will be ignored.

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