Bad News Is Good News For Computer Consulting Business Owners

In the computer consulting business, bad news can be good news when it comes to getting new contracts. Over the last year, the consultants I work with have seen huge spikes in business due to “easy entry” consulting sales for things like spyware removal, virus recovery, and backup solutions.

Because selling prevention is much harder than selling a cure, the easiest sale to make is the small business owner whose business has been thrown into disarray due to computer problems. The guy who wouldn’t pay a few hundred bucks to have virus and spyware protection installed on Monday, will pay thousands to recover from the damage on a Tuesday.

It’s the proverbial “it’ll happen to the other guy, but not to me” syndrome.

Anyway, aside from all the money they have been making, the good news is the importance of previously “techie” things like network security, computer protection, and a bulletproof backup plan is getting more and more press. And, slowly, it is seeping into the general awareness of the market making it even easier to sell “prevention jobs” … not just the “cure jobs.”

The latest info?

Yet again, small and medium business spending on information technology consulting and solutions has grown. A growth of 6.6% from 2003.

According to Forrester:

“Security tops buyers’ wish lists, and nearly two-thirds of SMBs will buy new servers and networking equipment this year. Dell dominates mindshare among PC buyers, who on average expect to replace one in four PCs next year. The direct channel will receive the lion’s share of PC and other hardware purchases by SMBs, but buyers are split on where they’ll turn for hardware support. On the software front, many are in the market for finance and accounting software, and a surprisingly high number will consider hosted apps.”

Many thanks to Anita Sharpe at Small Business Trends for pointing out the Forrester research.

P.S. If you are in the computer consulting business (or network, IT, or security consulting) and you aren’t getting rich right now, the problem is your marketing. It hasn’t been this easy to sell technology consulting solutions since the tech boom. In some ways, it’s even easier now.

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