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Short on money for advertising but desperate to get more local customers and clients in your doors?

That was the case for Danny of Danny’s Meat & Catering in Racine, MI. With no money to spend on TV, print, radio or other traditional forms of advertising, Danny  turned to inexpensive but highly effective e-mail marketing to bring in new and repeat local customers

And it worked.

In just 6 months, Danny increased his sales 15%.

A simple strategy to build a list for your local business

To encourage subscribers, Danny offered each new subscriber a free steak on their birthday. Since November of last year, Danny’s subscriber list has grown from 33 to 2,400 and counting.

Danny's Meats - Local E-mail Marketing Strategy

Danny's Sign-Up Offer

“The goal is to get a new customer in,” Danny said, “sell them a couple of extra things … break even on it, sometimes make a little money if they like things and buy more.”

Now, there are three reasons you should pay attention to Danny’s “birthday steak” strategy:

  1. Freebies are enticing incentives to encourage anything, in this case newsletter subscribers. And Danny has the right idea: get them in the door, but don’t let them leave with just their free steak; sell them enough “extras” to at least break even and hopefully to make a profit.
  2. Danny personalizes his marketing by centering the freebie around his customers’ birthdays. People love things that are meant specifically for them, and few things are as specific to a person as his or her birthday.
  3. The “birthday steak” gives Danny a way to engage customers even if they haven’t been around for a while. This is critical. NEVER forget about your past customers and clients. They make up your largest potential for revenue and if you ignore them, you’re leaving huge opportunities for cash flow on the table.

Not only did Danny increase his subscribers and sales, but he added additional value for his customers by providing weekly specials, recipes, cooking tips and more.

And his customers love him for it.

Get the full story and hear what Danny’s customers are saying about his e-mail newsletter — scroll down the page to watch the Fox 6 News feature.

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