6 Ways To Profit From Teleseminars Before You Have A Product To Sell

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So, you want to do teleseminars and webinars but you don’t have a product to sell?

Well, good news.

One of my favorite things about teleseminars marketing and webinar marketing is that you don’t have to wait to create your own product before you start making money.

In fact, you SHOULDN’T wait … you should immediately roll out a few profitable sessions so you have money coming in to fund all your other marketing and business building activities. Activities like advertising, lead generation, product creation and so on.

“But Michael,” you’re thinking. “How can I possibly make a dime with nothing to sell?

I’m glad you asked, because today I’m revealing the top 6 fastest ways to rake in cash using teleseminars and webinar before you have a product of your own.

  1. Sell someone else’s product. Find a well-selling product in your niche and sell it as an affiliate. This is especially effective if you’re just starting out and you’re not sure what market you want to be in. Try different products in different niches and then commit to the one or more markets that are most profitable. (Yes, you really can sell an affiliate product *very* effectively using teleseminars and webinars.)
  2. Review a product. This strategy piggybacks on the first one. Pick 2-3 products, hold a teleseminar or webinar where you review the products, and offer your opinions along with affiliate links.
  3. Charge for attendance. Hold an informative teleseminar and charge your callers to attend. People will happily pay $47 – 97 as long as you deliver valuable content. You should never do sessions that are mostly “fluff,” but this is especially true on a session you charge for.
  4. Sell the recording of your session. Do a content-driven teleseminar (free or charged), tweak it, and then sell the recording. You can sell a downloadable version, a physical CD, or both. And look at that, you have a product. Get it transcribed and it has even more value.
  5. Interview an expert on a topic relating to your list. This is one of the fastest ways to roll out a teleseminar or webinar because the expert fills in all the “content” for you … all you have to do is ask questions. To make money, either charge for the call or sell the expert’s product as an affiliate. Or both.
  6. Build your list. Again, then best way to get this out and build your list quickly, is to interview an expert. Instead of promoting the call to your list, have your affiliate promote it to his or hers. You play host and anyone who registers for the session will be automatically added to your list. This strategy may not put money in your pocket immediately, but the long term potential for income is limitless (depending on how you nurture the leads you get).

So there you have it. 6 simple ways to profit from teleseminar and webinar without a product of your own to sell.

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