4-steps for any successful teleseminar or webinar (for beginners and pros)

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Whether you’re new to teleseminars or a veteran with the bank statement to prove it, you must be sure you’re implementing the 4 most important steps all successful teleseminars have in common.

In this month’s Coaching Call, Michael brings the teleseminar back to the basics, re-laying the “4-step foundation” necessary for your teleseminars to reach their full money-making potential.

  • Beginner: You won’t have your teleseminar perfected your first time through. But, if you have the “4-step foundation” in place, you’re guaranteed to make money getting it there.

  • Established teleseminar/webinar pro: Don’t get complacent. It is easy to ignore the basics because your teleseminar is “working.” But consider this: When Michael starts a new private consulting relationship, he almost always has to go back and correct “basics” that his clients have missed even though their calls might be making 5 or 6 figures every time they run. Revisit the 4 basics and you just might be surprised at how much you missed the first time around.

This March 2006 Coaching Call is available now on the member site. Log on and listen today…here’s the link:


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P.S. PLUS … on this call, Michael identifies an emerging marketing trend and gives you an effective weapon for transforming it into increased profits for your business. Listen to the call to find out what it is:


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