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“How a Massachusetts Small Business Used Social Media to Triple Their Web Traffic, Double Their Sales and Slash Their Advertising Budget by 80%”

And How You Can Learn to Use the Same Simple Strategies to Grow Your Local Business, Too

By Michael Cage ~ March 2010

Newton, MA – In a down economy, The Nauti-Dog Company, a dog apparel retailer, turned its back on traditional print advertising and focused on social networking strategies. And the results? Well, I already gave those away … 2x more sales, 3x times more web traffic and 80 percent less advertising dollars flushed down the drain.

Dear local business owner,

I’ll be brutally honest; I wanted to write today to tell you social media was a waste of your time.

I wanted to tell you not to bother.

I wanted to say …

Social media, social shmedia

But I can’t.

Because the results are in, and businesses like The Nauti-Dog Company and the ones below have proven social media is a powerful tool for growing local businesses like yours.

Real-life local businesses profiting from social media

Business: The Pink Cake Box
Location: Denville, New Jersey
Social media tool(s): Blogging
Results: The Pink Cake Box’s unique photo blog, which drives the majority of their orders, generates up to 120,000 unique visitors per month and has gotten them national publicity in People Magazine, Modern Bride, CNN and other widely-circulated publications.

Business: The Nauti-Dog Company
Location: Newton, Massachusetts
Social media tool(s): Facebook, Twitter
Results: By focusing on social media instead of traditional print advertising, Nauti-Dog, which sells dog apparel and accessories, tripled their web traffic, doubled their sales, and slashed their advertising budget by 80%.

Business: Naked Pizza
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Social media tool(s): Twitter
Results: Co-onwer Jeff Leach targeted his Twitter campaign to only the customers within the store 3-mile delivery radius. With over 4,300 Twitter followers, Naked Pizza attributes a miniumun of 15% of their daily sales to Twitter, 90% of which are new customers.

Business: Jerry Pozniak, owner of various upscale dry cleaners
Location: Manhattan, Long Island, & London
Social media tool(s): Twitter, Blogging
Results: Pozniak uses Twitter to link to his blog, The Dry Cleaner, where he writes to establish his “authority on garment care.” Known as the “dry cleaner to the stars,” Ponziak uses social media to gain national attention. He’s been profiled in The New York Times, New York Magazine, In Style, National Public Radio, Time-Out New York, Westchester Magazine, Living Magazine, Playboy, House Beautiful, and others.

Business: The Blood Center of Central Texas
Location: Austin, Texas
Social media tool(s): Twitter
Results: Call it “social media for social good.” Using a “tweetup” to organize a community blood drive, The Blood Center brought in over 100 pints of blood from over 100 donors, double the number of donations they collect in an average day.

Business: Danilo Bogdanovic, Real Estate Agent
Location: Loudoun County, VA
Social media tool(s): Blog, Twitter, Facebook
Results: Bogdanovic attributes 75% of his business to his two blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Business: Wiggly Wigglers (compost company)
Location: Hereforshire, UK
Social media tool(s): Blog, Twitter, Facebook
Results: Two words: free press. Loads and loads of it.

Business: Martell Home Builders
Location: Moncton, NB, Canada
Social media tool(s): Blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter
Results: Martell used social media to sell 80% of their homes direct to their buyers and avoided paying costly real estate agents commission fees.

Business: Umi
Location: San Fransisco, Caliornia
Social media tool(s): Twitter
Results: Using Twitter to announce the fresh fish of the day, Umi brings in on average 5 new customers a day. With the average restaurant bill around $30, that’s $4,650/month or $55,800/year from free advertising.

Business: Free Spirit Yacht Cruises
Location: Burnham Harbor, Chicago
Social media tool(s): Facebook, Twitter, Blog
Results: In less than one year, Free Spririt enjoyed a 30% increase in business which they tracked (yes, you can track your results with social media) and attribute to Twitter, Facebook and their blog.

Business: Favazza’s Restaurant
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Social media tool(s): Twitter
Results: With just one tweet, Favazza’s landed their biggest contract in 30+ years catering 3 days of the MLB All-Star game preparation. That one contract was valued between $45 – $50K.

Business: Creme Brulee mission street cart
Location: San Fransisco, California
Social media tool(s): Twitter
Results: After picking up 5,400 followers on Twitter, Curtis Kimball had to quit his full-time job to handle the demand for his creme brulee. Twitter turned what was once a hobby into a thriving business through “digital word of mouth marketing” (MSNBC).

Business: Pizza Party
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Social media tool(s): Twitter, Facebook
Results: Using Facebook and Twitter to promote special offers, Pizza Party increased sales, generated more than 1,000 local Twitter followers and was highlighted on ABC 7 news who dubbed their social media marketing, “One modern way to get your customers drooling.”

Business: Caminito Agentinean Steakhouse
Location: Northampton, MA
Social media tool(s): Blog, YouTube, Myspace
Results: Caminito saw a 30% boost in sales after upping focusing their attention on their social media campaigns.

I could go for pages listing the names and types of small businesses profiting from social media.

But you’re busy, so I’ll get right to the point.

The reason these business are being featured all over the news – in places like MSN Money, ABC, The New York Times, and BusinessWeek to name a few – is because …

Social media works for local businesses.

But there’s a catch.

Actually, there are two catches

Catch #1: Over 95% of social media is a complete waste of your time.

Did you know Wikipedia lists 168 distinct social networking sites?

The good news, though, is as a local small business owner, you only need 3.

A blog, Facebook and Twitter.

That’s it.

Every local businesses I listed for you earlier used one or more of these three sites to engage their customers and clients and add real profits to their bottom line.

But be warned!

There are very wrong ways to use these social media tools.

Ways that sucks up all your time and give you nothing in return. Ways that are more hype than help.

Because the dirty little secret no one tells you about social media is that thanks to the way it’s typically taught to local business owners …

For every 1 success story out there, there are at least 5 or more big, fat failures.

Which brings me to …

Catch #2: There are a lot of so-called” experts” touting a lot of crappy information about using social media to grow your local business.

Don’t be fooled.

Anyone who tells you need to spend more than 15 – 20 minutes a week on social networking … doesn’t have a clue.

The key to profiting from social media is figuring out how to leverage it without taking yourself out of your business and spending all your time online.

Because unless you’re named after a famous French city and heiress to a hotel fortune, you can’t afford to spend all day on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

But what you can do is take 90 minutes to learn …

How to Grow Your Local Business Using Social Media in As Little as 15 Minutes Per Week

I’ve sorted through the hype for you, boiled it down to the Twitter, Facebook and Blog essentials you need to grow your local business online and packed it into my next web training, The Local Social Media Workshop.

Here’s a peek at the strategies and insights you’ll learn …

  • A simple cash-surge strategy that brings you a flood of new customers, clients or patients … on-demand. (Imagine generating near-immediate cash flow whenever times are slow.)
  • The simple 3-step social media action plan designed specifically for local business owners like you with very little time to spare.
  • Why using only one social media service is a big mistake … and the right combination that maximizes your results in minimal time.
  • How to use a piece of “core content” you create once to drive hoards of traffic from dozens of online sources.
  • Trimming the social media “fat” and getting right to the meat of what works for local businesses and why. (This one tip alone will save you from wasting hours on pointless social media activities.)
  • The easy answer to the question, “What the h*** do I write about?” 30+ blog post ideas you can pull from to make writing your next post a breeze.
  • Employees have downtime? How to put them to work zeroing in on a mass of eager, local prospects on Twitter.
  • The best way to engage your customers, clients and patients on Facebook. Because just having “friends” and “fans” is NOT enough.
  • The absolute worst time to use social media. And why using it a this specific moment turns your prospects from hot to cold in an instant.
  • The little-known Twitter secret that turns you into the dominant authority in your local market.
  • How to use social media to let your customers, clients and patients do your selling for you.
  • The secret of “viral” content that spreads like crazy and infects your prospects with desire to do business with you.
  • Why your #1 focus should be your existing patient, customer and client base. And why reaching with them through social media first makes finding excited prospects twice as fast.
  • The secret of using “mini sales events” to get a rush of new business whenever you want it.
  • How to use the website you already have to create a social media buzz and win over a local following.
  • Why random social networking does more harm than good. And how you can coordinate all your efforts for maximum results.
  • Stripping your Facebook page to the bare essentials you need to make money. Because why have more to manage than you have to?

Those are just a few of the simple social media strategies you’ll learn at The Local Social Media Workshop that you can use to drive more local customers, clients and patients to your website and physical location in just 15 minutes a week.

15 minutes. That’s less time than you spend watching your favorite sitcom or checking that stats of your favorite sports team.

And the cost?

Like you, time is my scarcest resource, and I have almost none of it to spare.

I can be convinced to do private consulting, but I charge $970 per hour. (Yes, it’s expensive. But in that one hour, the business owners I work with get the strategies and insights they need to make that money back many times over.)

At that price, the 90 minutes we’ll spend on this webinar together would normally run around $1,455.

But don’t worry; I’m not asking anywhere near that.

I’m tired of seeing local business owners bogged down in all the bad internet marketing advice out there. Advice thrown at them by “experts” who don’t have a clue about you or what it’s like to run your local small business.

And because I’m dedicated to helping you succeed, for a limited time, I’m offering this online training for the insanely low price of only $47.

Just think … for less than you probably spend on supplies each month, you can learn the simple social media strategies that bring you more new business and more repeat business, fast.

But this special rate won’t last long. I’ll be raising it to $97 in the near future. So you better act fast if you’re serious about using learning the right way to grow your local business using social media.

Plus, you have my 30-day money back guarantee

Take this webinar training with me, implement the social media strategies you learn in your business and if you’re not 100% convinced it’s the easiest, most effective social media advice you’ve ever gotten, I’ll give you your money back … no questions asked.

And when you sign up today, you’ll also receive

One installment of The Local Marketing Report, your one-stop resource for all things local internet marketing.

The Local Marketing Report focuses on one or more of the three core areas to growing your business

  1. Attracting new business
  2. Getting existing customers, clients and patients to spend more money with you, more often, and to refer more perfect prospects like them
  3. Leveraging your strengths and relationships for faster, easier growth

Each installment contains 1-3 immediately actionable local Internet marketing strategies that are quick to implement and that deliver fast, measurable results.

If it takes more than an hour to implement or more than 30 days to see results, I won’t waste your time with it.

So what are you waiting for?

Social media isn’t a passing fad. It’s here to stay, and it’s impacting the way local business owners drive local customers, clients and patients to their doors.

Will you be one of them?

Or will you fall behind and be forced to play catch up when your biggest competitors beat you to the punch?

The Local Social Media Workshop

Yes, Michael. Please reserve my seat on your special web training that teaches me the local business social media strategies I need to grow my business in just 15 short minutes a week.

  • I understand that I’ll receive one seat on the web training as well as a downloadable mp3 and a written transcript that I can go back through to absorb all the cash-generating strategies at my leisure.
  • I understand that included in the ticket price is a 30-day trial membership of The Local Marketing Report (a $47 value) and that when I decide to continue after the first month, I’ll automatically receive your next batch of local internet marketing strategies and you’ll bill my credit card 47 bucks.
  • I understand that $47 ticket price on this web training is a special deal and only available for a limited time.



P.S. You can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about social media and how you should be using it in your local business.

And no matter how you feel about it …

… Whether you’re convinced it’s a waste of time.

… Annoyed no one will shut up about it.

… Guilty you haven’t given it a real shot.

… Worried you’re being left behind, but too busy to figure it all out.

The fact is every day you don’t put the simple social media strategies to work for you, you’re leaving tons of easy money on the table.

These easy-to-use social networking sites are online now, waiting to bring you business and make you money.

Click here for access to The Local Social Media Workshop.

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