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“Use My Proven Blueprint and Run a Teleseminar or Webinar that SELLS in as Little as 45 Days ... Guaranteed”

From Michael Cage
Reston, Virginia USA

If you want to flood your business with more cash in one hour than typically trickles in over an entire month...

If you want to do it quickly, in the next 45 days at most ...

And if doing it right the first time is the only option ...

Then you need my proven teleseminar and webinar blueprint that has transformed the businesses and lives of over 3,000 people working in more than 60+ unique niches.

The same blueprint I used to:

And the best part is, if you think you need to be a big wig guru with a list a mile long and an army of affiliates to do you bidding … think again.

I don’t care what you sell or who you sell it to. I don’t even care if you have a list or a product. Teleseminars and Webinars will work for you.

In fact, it thrills me to my very core to know that it’s the hard-working “little guys,” not just the slush-fund gurus, who are raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars using my exact blueprint.

Little guys like Kevin Thompson, for example.

Ex-Alaskan Crab Fisherman Builds Million-Dollar Business on the Back of Teleseminars

Here’s how it happened, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“After 7 years battling the frigid 40-foot waves of the unforgiving Bering sea, I quit my job as an Alaskan fisherman, took every penny I’d scraped together and started my own cleaning and restoration business.

Within a couple years it started taking off, but I was working way too hard to get clients and desperately needed a way to automate my marketing. After all, what good is making money if you never have time to enjoy it with the people you love?

Well all that changed when I attended an internet marketing seminar in Tampa, Florida.

One of the speakers at this event was a guy by the name of Michael Cage, who showed us how much money he’d been making by using teleseminars in his business.

After seeing his presentation and discovering that he was making as much as $23,930 from a single 1-Hour teleseminar, I was chomping at the bit, hoping that he’d offer some kind of guide that would reveal all his inside secrets.

Lucky for me, that’s exactly what he did.

Now, I’m a shy guy. Even the idea of getting on the phone with people and selling was just terrifying to me. But Michael did such a great job of laying out how simple his process was that I couldn’t help myself and invested immediately. I know a good thing what I see it.

The minute I got home from Tampa, I started implementing the strategies in Michael’s system, and before I knew it, I was ready to host my first teleseminar.

And when I did…

I Made $3,401.33 … selling a home kit for detecting black mold of all things!

Now granted, that wasn’t the kind of money Michael was making, but do you think I cared?

No siree!

I was completely fired up!

I mean think about it, when was the last time you made over three thousand bucks for an hour of your time?

The answer for me was…. NEVER.

In fact, I’ve been to countless seminars over the years, and invested in more information products than I can remember, yet none of it had produced results like this.

Shortly after my first teleseminar, I decided that I needed to get in touch with Michael and say thanks.

After All, He’d Just Changed My Life… FOREVER!

He made so much money for me, that I decided to ask him about the possibility of doing some one-on-one consulting.

After much arm-twisting, he finally agreed. And let me tell you, it’s been the best investment I’ve ever made… period!

Over the past few years, he’s handed my some of the biggest business breakthroughs of my life.

First, making $30,000 on a single call. Next, a $60,000 month. Then $108,000 on a single call. And most recently, a million-dollar year!

The words thank you just don’t seem to cut it anymore.”

Kevin Thompson

Are you where Kevin was before that fated day in Florida? Are you pouring your blood, sweat and tears into making every sale?

I certainly was. You see ...

Not Too Long Ago, I Was Just Another
Struggling Infopreneur Sweating The Numbers
And Working Like A Dog As I Tried To Take
My Business To The “Next Level”

It gives me the shakes just thinking about it.

Hunched over in my office with a pit of frustration in my stomach ... crunching the numbers, looking at my sales and desperately trying to figure out something, anything that would let me get to the level of business and personal satisfaction that I’d been dreaming of.

Back in 2000, I had an info business selling marketing advice to folks in the computer business ... and while I was doing pretty well, I felt like I was stagnating ... stuck at the same level of income and the same level of success for years.

So I paid out the nose for a consultation with Dan Kennedy who told me that the only way to get to that “next level” was by going on the road ... “pitching” to rooms full of hot prospects ... and saying goodbye to my wife, my family and my lazy, happy lifestyle.

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I hate travel but I was all set to do it and to start my new life as a “road bum” ... crisscrossing the country, getting fat on Denny’s and takeout and giving the same talk again and again and doing all the hard work of making sales.

Then, about two weeks before I was set to stuff myself into a plane seat I decided to “test out” my pitch ... I’d never given a talk in front of people before and I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing . . .

And I Bet You Can Guess What Happened Next ...

I sent out a couple emails promoting the call, hopped on the line like the sweaty, nervous amateur that I was ... and, shockingly, managed to pull in $23,930 in sales on my very first call.

Does that sound like a lot to you?

It sure as heck did to me . . . and it still does now ... I mean, we’re talking about $23,930 in sales deposited in my bank account the very next day just for spending an hour laying on my couch and talking on the phone!

As you can imagine, I decided to put the kibosh on my “Road Warrior” speaking career.

If I could make over $23K literally overnight when I barely even knew what I was doing, I figured I could make a ton if I “Got Good.”

I’m a bit of a geek at heart (if you couldn’t tell already) and I attacked the whole concept of selling with teleseminars and webinars and tested and tracked over 142 strategies, tactics and ideas to dig up and uncover what really takes to run wildly, ridiculously profitable teleseminars that produce immediate results.

And you can see how when you look at my …

10 Non-Stop Years Teleseminar & Webinar Innovation

To detail everything that went into developing the current Teleseminars & Webinar that Sells system would take pages. I do want to share a few highlights with you for two very specific reasons which I’ll share in a moment. But first, here’s a quick look at the last 10 years of my life.

From 2000-2003 I developed my original “Teleseminars that Sell” model by studying the persuasive masters. They didn’t exist on teleseminars at the time, so I studied platform speakers like Dan Kennedy and Tom Hopkins … evangelists like Billy Graham and Pat Robertson … infomercial superstars like Tony Robbins and Ron Popeil … not to mention the literature and programs on cults, mass movements, individual and group persuasion, marketing and sales psychology, hypnosis and NLP, and everything else I could get my hands on that I thought might help. In the end, a lot of things that were “supposed to work” didn’t, and they got cut out. The things that did work were added, systematized, and refined into a model that continues to grow and evolve today.

From 2000 to present day, I put my model to the test in more than 83 different businesses. Guess what? Not everything works in all markets. But I was able to learn from each failure, to notice each success, and to update my “theory of everything” to including the exact conversion strategies that produce massive results in minimum time … consistently, in nearly any business, and in nearly every market. I believe this is one of the most important things I bring to the table and what sets me apart from the “wannabies.” So many people teach “tricks” that worked ONE TIME and in ONE MARKET … and their poor, unsuspecting buyers don’t understand why that same trick won’t work for their businesses.

Beginning in the fall of 2004, I went CRAZY about automating webinars and teleseminars … just like autoresponders. In the “olden days” … we would spend a thousand bucks or more to automate a simple teleseminar or webinar. We’d also need a full-time “geek” on staff to make sure things went smoothly (because they usually didn’t). It was still worth it, though. They sold like wildfire while I and my clients slept, spent time with people we cared about, or worked on that next winning promotion. I got to test not just what to say, but WHERE in your marketing sequence to say it. And best of all, recently, it has become ridiculously cheap AND easy to automate teleseminars and webinars. If you are NOT using these in your business, bottom line … you are missing out.

In 2007 (recently updated in 2010), I developed a formula for “Stories That Sell” that has more than doubled response on more teleseminars and webinars than I can track. In fact, for the people who have learned this model from me, it has improved their copywriting for salesletters and e-mails, as well. While very few people enroll in a training of mine to learn “storytelling,” they all leave recognizing that it is one of the most valuable things they have received.

In 2006 I added webinars, streaming video seminars in 2008, and more than a dozen other options in 2010. We started with WebEx, which in 2006 and 2007 worked well for a few markets, but in most performed worse than teleseminars. GoToWebinar then cranked the webinar-hype to a fever pitch. It took a few years before the technology became stable enough; but once it did, we were consistently outperforming teleseminars in roughly 70% of markets. Of course, the most successful players were using both telemseminars AND webinars because both … in a specific sequence … always trumps one or the other. In 2008 the big breakthrough was using streaming video webinars. One client went from 0 to a million-dollar per month business, nearly overnight, because of the formula. Progressing from that point through present-day, the number of video and webinar-based options are exploding. As usual, most of the “internet marketing” hype is just that. But there are real and spectacular models for adding 3 different kinds of videos and/or webinars to any business that will dramatically bump conversion.

And now, I’ve returned to “square one” and rebuilt the entire system from the ground up using ONLY the current, best practices for 2010. I recently spent nearly 6 months reviewing every result, lesson learned, and breakthrough that I have been a part of over the last decade. The best were set aside, and everything else was cut out. The winners were then combined with my experience coaching and consulting for successful marketers to create an all-new, comprehensive blueprint for Teleseminars & Webinars that Sell. Know this: my “old model” still is entirely relevant and useful. It is timeless. But I recognized that, with all the breakthroughs and changes over the years, I could give people exponentially better results if I went back to square one and created a “dream training.” I don’t believe in “good enough is good enough” … so that’s exactly what I did.

Why lay it all out for you like that?

Because There Are Two Things
You Need To Know About Me ...

1) I’m not some Johnny-come-lately, flash-in-the-pan, here-one-day-gone-the-next guru of the week. In fact, I hate the term “Guru.” It’s a word that gets tossed around like a feather in the wind by anyone and everyone with an internet connection and something to sell.

With more than 10 years under my belt, over 3,000 people I have the privilege of calling clients and no less than three million-dollar businesses of my own built on the backs of teleseminars and webinar, I prefer a term more like “seasoned vet.” I’ve been an entrepreneur since the day I took my first gasping breath on this earth, and I will serve ambitious entrepreneurs like you until I take my last.

“A Lot Of People Make Promises, Michael Cage Actually Delivers”

“A lot of people promise the world. Michael Cage actually delivers. For the past 3 years I’ve gotten huge results from his incredible marketing insights. Michael has made me a ton of money by giving me specific strategies that I can implement virtually overnight. While other marketing ‘experts’ teach the same old tired techniques, Michael gives you fresh concepts that work like clockwork. I really can’t recommend him enough.”

Chris Di Re
Successware, Inc.

2) While most people are struggling to keep up with “what’s working now,” I’m ahead of the curve. The world of teleseminar and webinar marketing is ever evolving. New technology comes out every year. And making a sale is harder now than ever. If I was still doing what I did back in 2000, I’d be broke on the street with all my worldly possessions piled into one rusty shopping cart.

I’ve personally invested well over $500,000 of my own money into my on-going education and into staying one step ahead of the passing trends and marketing fads. Don’t believe me? Ask my wife, Michele; she balances the checkbook. And I’m not kidding when I tell you we had to move to a bigger place because my massive library took on a life of its own.

And here’s the thing, after spending a small fortune on business building material, I can tell you there are very few books or courses that are so intuitively genius that they’re scribbled on, dog-eared and coffee-stained because they never leave my desk or my sight. Most aren’t worth a second glance and live a quiet life of neglect collecting dust on the shelf.

So when I sat down to create the extensive teleseminars and webinars blueprint that I wish had been around when I was getting started, I asked myself this one simple question every step of the way:

“What Would I Demand Out Of A Teleseminar and Webinar System If I Were Going To Spend My Hard Earned Money On It?”

Well, if I was ever going to buy a course on how to use “sessions that sell” to make real money for my info product business, it would have to do these 8 things.

1. It Would Have To Cover Both Teleseminars And Webinars ... Teleseminars are great, and you really can make tremendous sales just by talking on the phone ... but my most successful clients are getting competition-crushing results by specifically sequencing teleseminars and webinars for maximum conversions and maximum sales ... and anything I would consider buying would have to show you how to “get good” at both of these incredibly profitable mediums..

2. It Would Have To Deliver Your First Real Payday In 45 Days Or Less ... My favorite thing about teleseminars and webinars is the speed with which they get results. If I was going to buy a course, it would have to lay out, step-by-step and in an easy-to-understand way, how anybody could get that first big Teleseminar or Webinar payday in 45 days or less.

3. It Would Have To Teach You How To Create BIG Paydays ... As you’ve heard in this letter, myself and many of my clients earn truly massive paydays on the calls that we do. In fact the numbers can get so high, that they sort of sound ridiculous. But even if 6 or 7 figure paydays seem completely out of reach for your business, wouldn’t you rather have the roadmap that will show you exactly how to earn those big numbers when you’re ready? I know that I would.

4. It Would Have To Work Even If You Aren’t A Known Guru And Even If You Don’t Have A List Of Your Own ... To me, this one seems pretty obvious. Any system that would pass muster with me would have to work (and work incredibly well) for the little guys on the ground who aren’t well known, and who don’t even have a list to start with.

5. It Would Have To Dive Deep Into The Power Of Automation ... And show you how to turn every single broadcast you do into an automatic profit center that pays you back for years and years to come. The real way to make money with teleseminars and webinars is to automate, roll out and repeat. One of the things that I love about teleseminars and webinars is that I can make money and have people listening to my voice or watching me give a presentation while I’m zonked out on the couch. And any course I would invest in would have to spend a lot of time focusing on automation.

6. It Would Have To Teach You How To Use Audio And Video Both Before And After Your Broadcast To Maximize Profits ... Pre-call and post-call selling are two of the biggest keys to my teleseminar and webinar success ... and have got to be a huge part of any system that I’d consider.

7. It Would Have To Teach You How To Use Tools Beyond The Internet ... From the sessions themselves to offline marketing there are a ton of ways to radically increase the profitability of your teleseminars and webinars using “old-skool” marketing techniques. (I turned one teleseminar that made less than $5,000 into a $20,000 plus payday using a single offline strategy. Wouldn’t you like to know what it is before your next session?)

8. And most of all ...

It Would Have To Show You Exactly How To
Make Big Profits With Teleseminars & Webinars ...
No Matter What Kind Of Business You Are In

Again, this might seem kind of obvious, but the whole point of using teleseminars and webinars in your business is to make more sales and make more money. If a course just showed you the technical nitty gritty of how to run a one, but didn’t give you the tried and tested selling skills to actually sell on the call ...well, that wouldn’t be something worth my money, or yours.

“Got Me Out of a Quarter-Million Dollar Jam and Will Work for Anyone!

“I got Michael’s program about two years ago. It was right near the end of the year and I was in a real bind . . . about a quarter million dollars under what I needed my sales to be for the year.

I’d never done a teleseminar before, but I listened to Michael’s system and laid out our program exactly how he said to. We had about 300 people on the call and were selling a $4,000 package. We did over $100,000 on that call right away and when the residuals rolled in we were over $250,000.

The big question a lot of people have when I tell this story is ‘what do you sell?” And I’ll tell you, I sell courses on gun smithing and metal smithing, but that’s irrelevant. This will work for anything.

Gene Kelly

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I’m passionate about what I do and that I don’t release anything to the public until I know that it’s the absolute best product you’ll find out there ... and that you’re going to get absolutely incredible value and amazing results from it.

So after a lot of sweat and effort and tears, and a lot of late nights making sure I was living up to my own tough criteria, I’ve finally boiled my whole process for creating Teleseminars and Webinars that help you create more product, make more sales and make more money than ever before into a blueprint that’s easy to use, easy to learn from and easy to put into action …

Recent Updates Teleseminars, Webinars & Videos that Sell

Over the years I’ve made numerous updates to my core teleseminar training material. But not this time.

This is not a series of updates or additions strung together and repackaged.

This blueprint has been more than a year in the making and was built completely from scratch. I threw out what wasn’t working and re-did everything to make it the easiest-to-follow and most comprehensive guide to making big paydays with teleseminars and webinars, and doing it fast.

Teleseminars, Webinars & Videos that Sell is the only comprehensive guide on the market today designed so you can:

Teleseminars, Webinars & Videos that Sell dives, in excruciating detail, into every last step, strategy and tactic you need to pull hundreds of thousands of dollars almost out of thin air on your “session that sells.”

... And more.

“The Only Comprehensive And Easy-To-Implement System That Covers Every Crucial Aspect You Need To Make Money”

“There are a lot of self-proclaimed experts on the subject of teleseminars and webinars. I’ve looked at all their material and Michael’s, frankly, is the only comprehensive and easy-to-implement system that covers every crucial aspect you’ll need to make money. I know this myself because of a payday north of $80,000 I enjoyed last October after a two-hour presentation. If it hadn’t been for what Michael taught me, it just wouldn’t have been as profitable.”

David Garfinkel
World Copywriting Institute

If You Have a Question About Creating the Perfect “Session that Sells,” You’ll Find the Answer in Teleseminars, Webinars & Videos that Sell.

Answers like:

“Michael Cage Is the ‘Go-To-Guy’”

“Michael Cage is the “Go-To Guy’ if you want to learn the best ways to use teleseminars and webinars in your business. Not only do I study and use his high-response strategies, but every Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Member who I refer to him raves about the results they receive.”

Bill Glazer, President
Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle

“The Undisputed King Of Cashing In From Teleseminars”

“Michael Cage is without a doubt the undisputed KING of cashing in from teleseminars! If you want to start stuffing your bank account by doing teleseminars, you’d be crazy not to listen to everything you can from Michael!”

Jason Oman, #1 Best-Selling Author
“Conversations With Millionaires”

“Over $50,000 From Our Very First Call...”

“We passed the $50K mark in gross revenues on our first teleseminar using your system last week. And we’ve been getting raving unsolicited comments back from our first live training class. I am very grateful to you for having organized this system and made the concepts so accessible.”

Timothy Seward

I’ve dotted every “i”, crossed every “t” and left no stone unturned for you in this massive, all-inclusive teleseminar and webinar blueprint.

You get over 23 hours of audio and visual content filled to the brim with the unique strategies and insights responsible for the top-selling teleseminars and webinars to date.

Plus, I won’t just tell you what to do, I’ll show exactly you how to do with over 76 sample landing pages, e-mails, sales pages, invitations, surveys, registration pages, handouts and more that you can copy, swipe, steal and use for your own.

And with unlimited lifetime access, you’ll never be overwhelmed because you can go through the material at your own pace.

Of course, you don’t want to wait a lifetime, because with this blueprint the only way to not make money is to sit on your hands and do absolutely nothing.

And you don’t even have to wait to finish the material.

“More That $200,000 Selling A Physical Product Just 4 Days After Getting Your Program”

I got Michael’s program on a Thursday and had to have my call up by the following Tuesday. I went through Michael’s first CD and it was the best content I’ve ever heard. Just following that I recorded my first teleseminar (I was scared of doing it live) played it on the air on Tuesday night and we did $200K in sales off of a list of 250 people!

Dr. Mathias Berry
Supplement Specialist

The Training Details

Teleseminars, Webinars & Videos that Sell gives you everything you need to make at least high 4 to 5-figures on your very first session ... as quickly as 45 days from now. Let’s take a look at what you get in each module…

Module 1: Big Picture, Big Profits

No matter what you sell (info products, physical products, seminars, coaching, consulting, professional services) you’ll leave this module a) with a plan for your first teleseminar or webinar project (so you can think about it as you go through the material) and b) with a vision for your business over the next 1 — 2 years.

Module 1 answers the questions “How do I make money fast?” and “How do I keep making money through time?”

Revealed inside:

Module 2: Fast-Start Blueprints

Whether you have a list or not, a product or not, having been doing teleseminars and webinars for years or are just getting started, there’s a fast-start blueprint for you.

After going through these mini-modules, you’ll have a detailed plan for building a list from scratch or exploding the list you already have using teleseminars and webinars. You’ll be able to create high-value, high-profit info products out of thin air, create quick bursts in cash whenever you need them and run joint ventures so successful, other JV partners claw at your door for a chance to work with you.

Revealed inside:

Module 3: Being the Wizard

Go through this module and your marketing message will never be “white noise” to your prospects. You’ll know how to stand out, cut through the clutter and grab your prospects with a message so powerful and so compelling, they want to pay attention. Module 3 shows you how to turn your teleseminar or webinar into the lifeline your prospects cling to desperately in a sea of drowning advertising.

Revealed inside:

How to get your prospects so wrapped up in you and what you have to say, that they’re pulling out their wallets before they even know what you have for sale.

Module 4: Registration Ramp Up

You can’t sell to people who don’t register for your session first. This module is all about how to convert the maximum number of people who hit your registration page. You’ll get a simple 5-step invitation and registration process that makes your session so irresistible, your prospects clear their schedules to give you their undivided attention.

Revealed inside:

Module 5: Maximizing Attendance

So you got your prospects to sign up. That’s great. Now how do you get them to show up the day of your session? Module 5 lays out a simple post-registration communication strategy you can use to re-excite and re-engage your registrations so they show up the day of your session eager and ready to buy.

Revealed inside:

Module 6, 7 and 8: Sessions that Sell, part 1, 2 & 3

After leaving these modules, you’ll have everything you need to hit the ball out of the park and make at least 4-figures on your first session … guaranteed. We’ll cover the 6 core elements of a session that sells as well as the secrets of a million-dollar sales skill very few people tap to its full potential.

Revealed inside:

Module 9: Visuals for Webinars

Go through this module, and you’ll never make the deadly mistake 99.9% of people doing webinars make with their visuals. You’ll leaving knowing exactly how to drive and direct attention so your viewers are alert, on the edge of their seat and, most importantly, glued to every critical word you have to say.

Revealed inside:

Module 10: Sales Pages and Session Building

This module is all about templates. Templates that make create your sales pages and building your sessions fast and easy. When you take the advanced strategies and insights you’ve gained in the previous 9 modules and plug them into these templates, you’ll have a home run “session that sells” in no time flat, 45 days or less.

Revealed inside:

Module 11: Post Session Follow-up and Replays

Most people experience a frustrating lull in sales after their session ends. But you won’t after completing this module. You’ll be able to create a massive spike in post session sales, and “income on demand” (money whenever you want or need it) through time.

Revealed inside:

Teleseminar Vet says “Hands Down, One Of The Best Investments That I’ve Ever Made”

“I’ve spent over $93,500 on my marketing education. Hands down, one of the best investments I’ve ever made has been in Michael Cage and his Teleseminar And Webinar System.

It’s so detailed and thorough it borders on the ridiculous. You’d have to be a moron not to get a massive ROI from buying it, studying it and putting on even just a few of your own calls.

Hand this course to any internet or Info marketer and they can profit from it within 7 days. I know my skills and knowledge base have improved dramatically, and I’ve been doing teleseminars for years.”

Kirt Christensen

“Late Start + Your System = $42,500”

“I sold 17 tickets at $2,500 each even though I got a late start on my marketing! Well, I am thrilled to report that after last week’s teleseminars, we have sold 17 of our 24 available $2,500 Bootcamp seats for the May 16 event and are predicting to sell out in the next week or so. All with what you taught me about stories! With these results, it looks as if we won’t even have to mail my list (which we are really late in doing anyway).”

Susan Berkley
The Great Voice Company

Plus $4,158 in Fast-Action Bonus Gifts

Bonus #1: The “Classic” Maximum Profit Teleseminar & Webinar System

This massive 231 page manual was the precursor to “sessions that sell.” Before completely re-doing my system and building the blueprint I’m offering today, the unique strategies I revealed in this manual pulled in well over a few million dollars for myself and my many clients. Invest in my teleseminar and webinar blueprint today, and it’s yours absolutely free.

value: $2,116.00 … yours FREE!

Bonus #2: 3 Full Months Of Interactive Platinum Coaching Calls, Bonus Updates & More

At least once a month (and usually more often) I hold a special “closed door” teleseminar exclusively for inner circle members where I discuss advanced teleseminar & webinar techniques and strategies not available anywhere else.

Act now and take advantage of this special offer, and you’ll get three full months of these advanced coaching calls absolutely free.

If you decide to continue as an “insider” once your 3-month trial period is up (and if you’re anything like the vast majority of people who have purchased this course, you will), you’ll be billed just $77 a month ... a full $50 off the $127 per month street rate.

Plus, you’ll have complete access to my insider message board and my complete collection of archived insider coaching calls and Q & A sessions. That’s over 14 hours of content with more being added every single month.

value: $381.00 … yours FREE!

Bonus #3: Full Access To My Collection Of “Specific Intent” Coaching Calls

One of the big questions my new students have is how to use teleseminar or webinar broadcasts for their specific industry or situation.

Act now and you’ll gain full access to my “Specific Intent Coaching Calls” where I lay out exact strategies for profitably using teleseminars and webinars for ...

value: $497.00 … yours FREE!

Bonus #4: An Archive of More Than 12 Months of Content-Packed Platinum Coaching Calls

My Platinum members regularly tell me that these are the meatiest coaching calls they’ve ever heard. Period. I go deep into the latest strategies that are working right now, reveal new discoveries for getting maximum profits out of your teleseminars & webinars and cover a ton of deep questions from live callers.

value: $1,164.00 … yours FREE!

I created this material exclusively for my Inner Circle members . . . but you get complete access to the full toy chest of goodies when you act today.

“If Your Serious About Being Successful In Information Marketing, You Have To Do This”

“If you’re serious about being successful in information marketing or really in any sort of business then this is not an ‘option.’ It is a MUST.

I’ve had calls where I’ve made well into six figures and with what I learned from Michael we have doubled our sales and then doubled them again. I have a call replaying and making money for me right now.

Michael is the real deal … and let me tell you, there’s nothing better than being able to be at your kid’s soccer game on a Tuesday at 5 o’clock and knowing that you are making $40k or $50k replaying the same call that you recorded months or even years earlier.

Thanks you so much for putting this together Michael, it’s been a huge turning point in my business.”

Brian Sacks
Glazer-Kennedy Webstore

“My Close Rate On Teleseminars Has Gone Through The Roof”

Michael is one of the most innovative and creative marketers I have ever heard. His materials are not the same old rehashed stuff you hear from most of the so-called marketing gurus who just recycle each other’s stuff. My close rate since I started using Michael’s system has gone through the roof!”

Ed Zajac

I promise if you take my system and implement the strategies I teach, the way I teach them, you can run your first four or five-figure session in just 45 days or less.

In fact, the most common testimonial I get from my students is, “Michael ...

“I made my investment back and more on my first session alone!”

Speaking of investments, at this point you’re probably wondering, “How much is this going to cost?”

It’s a good question. Because I know I’ve shown you some big numbers on this page.

Numbers like an $80,000 dollar presentation for David Garfinkle, and a $200,000 session for Adam Christing, for example.

So when I say you’ll make your entire investment back on a single call, you must be thinking it’s a big one.

It’s not. I’ll get back to that in a moment, but for now, consider this…

I rarely hit the road and speak at seminars (except when mentors of mine like Dan Kennedy or Bill Glazer ask), so the only other way to get the complete teleseminar and webinar outpouring I’m offering today is to fly out and meet with me in my home in Leesburg, VA.

Of course, then it would cost you my $10,900/day consulting fee, and you’d have to sit on my waiting list for at least 4 months until I have an opening. At least. My average client has been with me for more than four years, and they don’t give up their spots without a fight.

I suppose we could have a phone consultation, but considering there’s over 23 hours of business-building content packed in my blueprint and my hourly rate is $970, it’d cost you upwards of $22,310.

So to cover your investment, do you have to make $50k on your first session like Timothy Steward or $135k like Larry Conn?


Truth is, even if your first session only makes $3,402 like Kevin Thompson’s or $2,900 like Rhadi Ferguson’s, this blueprint will pay for itself and put money in your pocket, too.

Because now, you can have the complete Teleseminars, Webinars & Videos that Sell blueprint for the insanely low price of only $1,997 or 3 payments of $747.

U.S.A. Olympian and 4 Time Judo Champ Says Michael Cage Is “Da Man.”

“As an Olympian, I know a World Class product when I see one. When I first heard the price point for Michael’s stuff, I was skeptical. But I bought the course, DID EVERYTHING just the way Mike said to do it (I mean I really didn’t do anything but damn near copy everything he laid out in the material) and then …

Voila! I made $2,900 on one call.

After that I had another call and made just over $6,000. After I did the close and hung up the phone I called my wife into my home office and just started laughing my ass off! The orders were pouring in like a flood. And now I do teleseminars all the time and bring in some good bread.

Thanks, Mike. You da man, baby!”

Rhadi Ferguson, M.A.T., CSCS
2004 Olympian, 4-time National Judo Champion

“Michael Cage Is My Hero”

“I just followed the exact system Michael laid out in his little 3 ring binder and made $76K on my first call (which I recorded beforehand) and while in the air on the way to Cancun! And that was just the beginning, by the time I got home, we’d made over $200K from a recording. Since then, ‘Cage-style’ teleseminars have been the secret behind the success of every one of our businesses, including Pipeline Profits. Michael, I really can’t thank you enough.”

Brock Felt
Pipeline Profits

“I Live Outside The US, Will This Work For Me?”

Take A Look At Bernadette’s Story

‘I’m delighted with the results I’m achieving using your system.

I made £19,461 from the very first teleseminar I did applying Michael’s system. Just this week I did another teleseminar, and I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t leave myself enough time to plan the content.

Shortly before the call I grabbed the manual and used it as my guide to plan the content of the call. I thought it was very ‘rough and ready’ yet my sales from that call so far (48 hours later) are already £6,211. I’m restructuring my whole sales process to capitalise on the power of teleseminars. This training is EXCELLENT!”

Bernadette Doyle

Invest today and you get…

How it works: You’ll have automatic access to the Teleseminars, Webinars & Videos that Sell member website with the blueprint and all it’s bonuses immediately after your purchase. Your access to this site will never expire, so you can log on 24 hours a day for the rest of your life to mine the teleseminar and webinar marketing gold that’s there.

“No Excuses”

“First, THANK YOU for your information. Your package is one of the best I’ve got … and I’ve got almost every package ever sold at a Dan Kennedy/Bill Glazer event! Please tell anyone who will listen that Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent says that there is no excuse not to have Michael Cage’s information packed “Gem” of a package unless you simply don’t need or want more money!”

Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent

“Just 2 Insights Tripled My Sales”

“I value Michael Cages teleseminar information and advice so highly that I wish it was available intraveniously. Just 2 insights he shared tripled sales from my next event. It was the first time I had ever done $135,000 in sales for one session when I applied his strategies to my Joint Venture with Dr. Tom Orent last July. Thank you Michael! Your insider secrets have vaulted my sales into the stratosphere!”

Larry Conn
Instant Yellow Page Profits

“$200K On One Call!”

“Michael Cage is the #1 authority on Teleseminars and Webinars in the world. But that’s not what matters to me. What matters to me is this: He helped me create one teleseminar that generated $200,000 on a single call!! Thank you, Michael!”

Adam Christing

If you ...

... Teleseminars, Webinars & Videos that Sell will work for you. It’s the only comprehensive teleseminar and webinar blueprint of its kind.

"Teleseminars & Webinars that Sell 2012 Edition"

Instant Access Priority Enrollment Form

YES! I'm ready to take my business to new heights using your system for Teleseminars & Webinars that Sell. Please give me immediate access to the 2012 Edition of Teleseminars & Webinars that Sell and ship my complete package of bonuses and course materials.

I understand that ...

Be well,

P.S. Still not convinced? Listen to what happened to Jeff Gardner when he put my strategies to work…

"$15,334 Following Your System To The Letter"

“Hi Michael,

My name is Jeff Gardner. When I purchased your system, I followed it to the letter – and designed my own teleseminar from scratch.

Basically, my concept was to sell a 6-week information marketing coaching program via teleseminar… then do the coaching program to create a physical product.

It’s a “Get Paid to Create a Product” concept that I got from your materials.

Anyway, since most of the marketing I do is via direct mail, I don’t have emails for most of my list. So I had to mail a postcard to my list to get them to my website to register for the teleseminar. It cost a few bucks to mail the postcard to my list of about 12,000 customers, but I was optimistic I’d make my $$$ back.

I mailed out the postcard – and got about 500 registrations. Once they registered, I sent out a few sequential emails over a few days to answer a few questions, build rapport, and get them excited about the call.

Then, last night, I did the teleseminar live at 8pm central.

Well, being my first teleseminar, a few things went “wrong”. First, I tried to pack TOO MUCH information in, so my 60-minute call turned into 93 minutes. Second, I was so nervous, I was racing through material at mach speed. And my close… well, that seemed rushed and scattered and I was really worried that I wasn’t going to make any sales.

Well, long story short, this morning… I got the report from my order-taking service. We got 18 orders at $697 each – for a product that isn’t even created yet!

That’s $12,546 in gross sales – from a 93 minute call that I was sure I had botched up.

Not too shabby. And now that I have one under my belt, I’m looking forward to learning from my first one – and making the next one even better. And making even MORE money. These are so cool, I’m planning on doing a couple a month.

Oh yeah, and I also recorded a 60-minute teleseminar and put it on an auto-play line – to help automatically increase sales of another offer I’m doing. That’s a great concept – and I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m sure it’ll increase sales. I’m actually offering it as a “Free Bonus” with one product – and then it’ automatically sells them on the higher-dollar back-end.

Anyway, I wish I’d started doing these sooner. I can see that I’ve left A LOT of money on the table by not doing more teleseminars!

Thanks for your great course, Michael. My first teleseminar made me many, many times the investment of your system!!!

Best Wishes,

Jeff Gardner, President
Gardner Marketing Group Inc

UPDATE: Also, here’s an update. The next day, I wrote a few lines about the offer — and re-emailed my teleseminar registrants…. and got 4 more sales for $697. So the ultimate tally was 22 orders at $697. Not too shabby. J.

“Rush me my Teleseminars and Webinars that Sell Blueprint now, please!”

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