The Obligatory “About Michael Cage” Page

At the end of my life, I want to look back and know that I have loved my friends and family, and made a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs who view their businesses as an opportunity to make a contribution and change the world.

It’d be a life well lived.

I’m working on it.

On being here, writing this & “why”

I spent the better part of a decade mastering what it takes to produce real business growth through results-driven marketing, spent a few years regretting itbecause the people I was working with thought the only good reason to be in business was to buy themselves a yacht (or other anatomical extension toy), only to return more passionate and energized (and opinionated) than ever before.

For me, it’s all about business as art, entrepreneurs as artists, and work that makes a difference.

If you are unreasonably passionate about your ideas, care deeply about your business and the people it serves, and you believe in building a business that makes a difference; we have those things in common. My life’s work is about giving you the advice and resources that bridge the gap between a great idea and a sustainable, scalable business that richly rewards all involved. I also quietly wish those who are only in it for the bucks get put out of business by someone I help … maybe you.

Today, I spend my time consulting and publishing to help entrepreneurs grow their companies.

On entrepreneurship

I’ve been an entrepreneur since before I knew the word existed.

Today, I put that energy towards helping passionate entrepreneurs with great ideas figure out to to express them through sustainable businesses.

It turns out all those failed businesses (not to mention a few great successes) have made me pretty good at that whole “marketing and strategy thing.”

This blog, An Entrepreneur’s Life, is around to chronicle the journey and offer some useful ideas that you might find helpful along the way.

If you are looking for a specific project or product of mine, go to What I Do.

On learning

A lifetime entrepreneur and a lifetime learner.

Books are great — and where I spend an insane amount of time, thanks Amazon — but nothing substitutes for truly masterful mentors.

I’ve spent time learning and laughing with a crazy cast of characters, but none more influential than the two great mentors I’ve had the priveledge to absorb wisdom from in my adult life: Dr. Joseph Riggio and Dan Kennedy.

Most of my reading is on strategy and psychology.

I also throw in the odd fiction book.

Go Shibumi.

I live in Leesburg, Virginia with my wife, Michele, and our three cats, Sigmund, Corey and Kado. And my books.